How can bamboo shoots not be bitter? Bitter bamboo shoots can also be sweet

  How to eat bamboo shoots without bitterness: preliminary work is very important

  1, clean the bamboo shoots. Use a knife to shave off the older parts (the parts that cannot be pinched by your hands), and clean the hairy areas on the bamboo shoots. 2. After cleaning, you can cut the bamboo shoots into slices according to the thickness you like, so that it is easier to get rid of the bitterness. If you plan to use it to dry and make dried bamboo shoots, you can cut it thicker, and if you plan to eat fresh bamboo shoots, you can cut it thinly.

  How to eat bamboo shoots without bitterness: Soaking and cooking

  1. Put the bamboo shoots in a pot and boil, add appropriate amount of water, just cover the bamboo shoots. After heating until the water boils, continue heating for ten minutes. Do not cover the pot during heating. 2. After the bamboo shoots are cooked, prepare a basin or bucket or the like, fill with cold water, and then immerse the bamboo shoots in cold water. Generally, at the beginning of soaking, as long as the water is hot, you need to change the water several times. After soaking the bamboo shoots cool down, you can change the water every 4 hours. 3. Under normal circumstances, thinly sliced ​​bamboo shoots can be eaten after changing the water 3 times (excluding the water that was changed because the bamboo shoots are too hot at the beginning). Thicker bamboo shoots may take about 6 to 8 times.

  How to eat bamboo shoots without bitterness: the method of washing rice and boiling in water

   Prepare a pot of boiling water, add the rice washing water, and the bitter bamboo shoots with shells, and simmer for about 10 minutes on low heat. Then turn off the heat and simmer until cool.

  How to eat bamboo shoots without bitterness: pickling method

  1. Salt the cut fresh bamboo shoots or soaked dried bamboo shoots for about 4 hours. If possible, it is best to pickle with edible coarse salt. 2. After the pickling is complete, pour out the brine, then rinse with clean water, then soak in clean water, change the water every three to four hours, and usually you can eat it in about a day.